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Lysergic Acid Diethylamide (LSD), also known as acid. It is a chemical hallucinogen usually marketed as tiny paper, liquid, or micro-dot pellet squares.

An LSD experience is similar to psilocybin mushrooms in many respects, but people often feel that they are better able to direct and monitor the experience. LSD studies have shown success in the treatment of depression, anxiety, smoking cessation, and many other psychiatric conditions. LSD also consistently demonstrates powerful long-term improvements in these conditions, even with only a single dose. Acid is a long-acting drug. For 6 to 15 hours, it will stay in your body. For most acid trips, it will last no longer than 9 hours. buy LSD tabs online

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Similar steps can be taken to store the substance to lengthen its shelf life if you need to store blotter acid or gel tabs. Second, in any non-porous content, such as tinfoil, wrap the blotter or gels. Second, to prevent the risk of any condensation or moisture from touching the paper/gel tabs, wrap the tinfoil in a plastic sandwich bag. Finally, the sandwich bag can be placed between a book or put in a jar to store in the refrigerator. It is really important that when you remove it, before opening the jar, you let the container warm to room temperature as blotter and gel tabs are more likely to lose power due to condensation than a bottle of Liquid LSD

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