Types of Anxiety Disorders

Abigail Powers Lott, PhD, and Anaïs Stenson, PhD

There are numerous tension related problems, and they are isolated into three primary classes:

  1. Tension problems: Anxiety issues are described by an overall element of inordinate dread (for example passionate reaction to saw or genuine danger) or potentially nervousness (for example stressing over a future danger) and can have pessimistic social and enthusiastic outcomes.
  2. Fanatical habitual and related messes: Obsessive-enthusiastic and related messes are portrayed by over the top, meddling contemplations (e.g., continually stressing over remaining clean, or around one’s body size) that trigger related, impulsive ways of behaving (for example rehashed hand-washing, or inordinate activity). These ways of behaving are performed to mitigate the uneasiness related with the fanatical considerations.

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